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        5 Good
        2020-05-23 11:25:13
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        We took the train from Paris to Amsterdam. We saw a lot of beautiful sceneries along the way. The cabin is clean and big. We were able to take a good rest. Just book the ticket though Klook as it's hassle free.
        5 Good
        2020-05-23 11:18:03
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        My friend and I decided to take a train from Zurich to Paris. and since we want to travel in style, we took the First Class ticket and it was the best decision we made. The cabin was very clean and spacious. We were able to get a good sleep throughout the long journey. We arrived in Paris still fresh. I recommend getting your ticket from Klook. You just print the ticket, go to the train station and wait for the train. Hassle free right!?
        5 Good
        KAR LIP
        2020-02-17 07:54:37
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        Easy to use, just show ur tickets to the train ticket counter and book for a sit for €5 from Santa Apolonia to Porto Camphana. Even id book from Lisbon Orient they manage to change my ticket depart from Santa Apolonia because more convenient to this station from my hotel.
        5 Good
        Loo Lee
        2020-01-17 18:02:27
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        Upon arriving the St Pancras International station. Just show your printed bar code to scan to proceed to immigration. Be there one hour before departure for save side. The train is very conferable and clean. They have toilet facilities. recommended to buy early can get three time cheaper than last minute booking,
        5 Good
        KEE YONG
        2019-12-29 12:40:37
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        Fast and easy. Buy at Klook is easy to search and user friendly. Just print out the e-ticket and can check in Just 1hour before departure. Remember to go in early because need to go thru the custom counter. Enjoy to use the simple way to buy euro train in Klook.
        5 Good
        YIU HING
        2020-05-06 11:03:29
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        The ride is smooth and very scenic. Seats are comfortable. highly recommended to all. The train arrive and leave on time. look forward to the next trip.
        5 Good
        2020-01-06 01:04:48
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        It’s very convenient to reserve a ticket in advance for travel in Italy during peak season You can book a seat in advance but make sure that it has time for delivery before you leave to Italy.
        5 Good
        Ming yee
        2020-05-09 21:08:03
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        If you visit Europe, you should have chance to take the Europe train to go around Europe countries with hassle free ticket book with Klook, easy to use and redeem, thank you Klook have this kind of promotion and ticket for us to purchase. Highly recommend to purchase via Klook and definitely will purchase with Klook again for this activities.
        5 Good
        SIEW CHAN
        2019-12-20 12:07:19
        Europe Rail Ticket ·
        This is the first time I bought train ticket from Klook. Good experience, manage to buy earlier to get the cheaper Eurostar ticket. No need to print out, just scan the QR code from the phone. The train is comfortable and the check in process in St Pancras Station is smooth and easy.
        5 Good
        H M
        2021-01-25 10:37:18
        PERPIGNAN→Frankfurt am Main Hbf ·
        Great travel, good scenery, convenient and easy to use the e-ticket, comfortable seats. Recommend everyone to take trains in Europe!
        5 Good
        Ka Yan Michelle
        2020-10-31 00:15:30
        歐洲火車票 ·
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        5 Good
        Ka Yan Michelle
        2020-10-31 00:24:03
        歐洲火車票 ·
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        5 Good
        HSIAO JOU
        2020-06-23 08:23:40
        歐洲火車票 ·
        方便快速,但因為疫情的關係很早就提出退款申請然後也成功了,不知道為什麼票券沒被取消還一直提醒我們要出發了記得印票還要我填使用評價,實在有一點囧欸哈哈哈 不過要稱讚一下客服人員處理特別退票退款方案申請的速度很快也很積極,一般來說歐洲之星是不能退改的,但客路基於疫情原因願意協助退票真的很感謝,之後疫情結束要去歐洲玩的時候還是會使用這個方案訂票的!
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        How to book a Europe train ticket with Klook?

        Simply enter your departure and arrival city, select a departure (and return) date & time, indicate the number of passengers, then tap or click the search button. You will be provided with a list of train itineraries that you can choose from

        What should I do if the booking is not open?

        European train tickets are usually available for sale 90 days in advance, but if your preferred ticket is not yet available for purchase, it is probably because your desired ticket is not yet available at that time

        Why Can't I find the Europe train route I want to book?

        There are several reasons why you might not find your desired train:

        (1) Your desired train is full, or (2) Your desired train route is not yet available for booking, or (3) Your desired train route is temporarily closed for booking due to track maintenance works, or (4) Your desired train journey might contain more than two changes (our system is designed to filter out any train routes with more than two exchanges to give you the most direct route)

        Can I reserve a Europe train ticket first and pay within 24-72 hours?

        At the moment, it is not possible to reserve now and pay for a ticket later with Klook. To secure a ticket, please pay as soon as you have chosen your chosen route

        How early can I purchase a Europe train ticket?

        This varies depending on your selected train routes, and also ranges from countries and type of trains. Generally speaking, many of the European train tickets can be booked as early as 90 days before train departure. Below are some of the recommended timelines* for ticket booking according to train type and popular routes:

        Domestic Trains

        TGV (within France): 90 days in advance

        ICE (within Germany): 180 days in advance

        Railjet (within Austria): 90 days in advance

        Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca (within Itlay): 120 days in advance

        NTV (within Italy): 120 days in advance

        AVE (within Spain): 75 days in advance

        National Rail (UK): 75 days in advance

        International Trains

        Eurostar (London to/from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam): 180 days in advance

        Thalys (Paris to/from Brussels and Amsterdam): 90 days in advance

        ICE (Germany to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance

        TGV (France to/from neighboring countries): 90 to 120 days in advance

        TGV Lyria (Paris to/from Geneva and Zurich): 120 days in advance

        Berlin-Warsaw Express: 60 days

        Night Trains

        Intercites de Nuit (within France): 90 days in advance

        Italian night trains: 90 days in advance

        OBB Night Train (Austria to/from neighboring countries): 180 days in advance

        Thello (Paris to/from Milan and Venice): 120 days in advance

        Lusitania (Madrid to/from Lisbon): 60 days in advance

        Swiss Scenic Trains

        Glacier Express (Zermatt - Brig - Chur / St. Moritz): 90 days in advance

        GoldenPass Line (Luzern - Interlaken - Zweisimmen - Montreux): 90 days in advance

        Bernina Express (Chur/Davos - St. Moritz - Tirano - Lugano): 90 days in advance

        Gotthard Panorama Express (Luzern - Fluelen - Bellinzona - Lugano): 90 days in advance

        • subject to change