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        What are Klook credits?

        Credits are a great way to get money off on Klook.? Earn them when you book and complete an activity. Plus, there's a chance to earn extra when you leave a review! When you've got at least 10 credits, you can use them to save on next booking.

        10 credits = 1 Hong Kong Dollar (The value of credits can change based on the exchange rate at the time of booking. See T&Cs for more info.)

        How do I get credits?

        Book & complete an activity

        You'll earn a percentage of the price back in credits after completing a booking (could take up to 2 days to show in your account)

        Leave a review

        Earn an extra 80 credits by telling us about your experience

        How can I use credits?

        Once you've earned 10 credits,use them at the checkout page of any booking and get money off. Start exploring now!